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Which Laws Are We Seeking to Change?

translated by: Sahar Mofakham

Tuesday 15 July 2008


Feminist School: In the following links, You can find the articles of civil code and penal code of Law in Iran:

- Marriage

Related laws on marriage

- The Alimony

Related laws on the alimony

- The Dowry

Related laws on the dowry

- the Possibility of Cancellation of Marriage

Related laws on the possibility of cancellation of marriage

- The Natural Guardianship of the Father and Paternal Grandfather over the Child

Related laws On The Natural Guardianship of The Father And Paternal Grandfather Over The Child

- Guardianship

Related laws on guardianship

-  Age of Criminal Responsibility

Related laws on age of criminal responsibility

- Blood Money for Murder

Related laws on blood money for murder


Related laws on diye

- The Portions of Inheritance

Related laws on the Portions of Inheritance

- Honor Killing

Related laws on Honor Killing

- Concerning Nationality

Related laws on concerning nationality

- Bearing witness

Related laws on Bearing witness

- Stoning to death

Related laws on Stoning to death

- The presidency

Related laws on the presidency

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