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Delaram Ali

Thursday 31 July 2008


Detained members of Women’s Movement

Name:Delaram Ali


Occupation:Social Worker

Gender: Female

Activities in division of the women’s movement: member of campaign one million signatures

Cases: Reasons for Arrest

She was arrested with 70 other participants on peaceful demonstration against discriminatory laws .her arm was broken by security forcess on June 12 2006

Current status:

a) Ruling:she was sentenced to 34 months imprisonment and 10 lashes on charge of participating in an illegal gathering,propaganda against the state and disrupting public order and peace. Then it deducted to 2 years and 6 months . her sentence was stayed by the head of judiciary on November 10 2007

b) Prohibited to leave the county:

c) Bail at:

d) Latest elaboration of the case: she was arrested on June 12 2006 and she was sentenced to 34 months imprisonment and 10 lashes then the second court confirmed the 30months imprisonment her sentence was stayed by the head of judiciaryon November 10 2007 up to now.

Take Action

Sign the petition of one million signatures to end discriminatory laws against women.

- Sign petition (for support of Campaign for One Million Signatures)

- sign the petition (for release of women’s rights activists)

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