38 defendants voice their support for their lawyer:Nasrin Sotoudeh must be treasured not bullied - The Feminist School
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38 defendants voice their support for their lawyer:Nasrin Sotoudeh must be treasured not bullied

translated by: Sahar Mofakham

Monday 20 September 2010


Even though suppression of Human Rights lawyer by annulling the committee or stopping their licence to practice is nothing new, even though imprisoning them for their love for humanity has become a daily news but amongst all of these the arrest of Nasrin Sotoudeh was shocking.

When Nasrin’s license to practice was removed, she continued for human right in Iran by different means. Once she was allowed to practice again the women’s movement activist raised her activities to even greater heights by working for free. Nasrin an activist for children’s rights and a resilient activist against the hanging of the juveniles under 18, in parts of far corners of Iran where even their family had forgotten them Nasrin campaigned relentlessly for their freedom.

Sotoudeh is one the lawyers who defended the women’s movement activists is in jail, many of Nasrin’s clients and associates remind us that even when Nasrin was pregnant, or when she carried her new born baby and attended courts and followed up her client’s cases .

Not just us, but the walls of the revolutionary courts in different cities will forget the woman who would time and time again walk those corridors so that she can get the smallest of the right for her clients. We, her clients, her friends or (our collective, her clients, her friends, her comrades) are raising our voices to this discrimination of human rights and demand the unconditional release of Nasrin Sotoudeh.

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