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Home page > News > Nasrin Sotoudeh is on a hunger strike

Nasrin Sotoudeh is on a hunger strike

Thursday 7 October 2010


Feminist School: Nasrin Sotoudeh, lawyer and one of members of Campaign, is on a hunger strike. Reza Khandan says that her wife called after 19 days and told him that she has been on a hunger strike from 12 days ago.

Close relatives of Ms. Sotoudeh told the Campaign that she’s been asked to drop legal representation of the Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi, but so far she has not succumbed to these demands.

Nasrin Sotoudeh told her husband during the last contact in : "in case the number of days in between my telephone calls exceed four days, you should know that I have gone on a hunger strike." Her last contact with her lawyer was on 18 September, and before that she had called the house twice; now She could contact to her husband only 3 seconds and she could told him that she had been on a hunger strike.

Reza Khandan, Sotoudeh’s husband, went to the prosecutor’s office three times, and gave them three letters and he also went to the investigators, so did her lawyer, Nasim Ghanavi. Her lawyer is following her case but so far no one has responded to our inquiries.

Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested on 4 September 2010 after she appeared at the Evin Prison Courts and was transferred to a solitary cell. Ms. Sotoudeh’s office and home had been searched by security forces a week prior to her summons, and her computer and personal belongings had been confiscated. She represented many prisoners of conscience.

Ms. Sotoudeh has represented several women activists and prominent individuals such as Issa Saharkhiz, journalist, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, political activist, and Shirin Ebadi, lawyer. Sotoudeh has also represented juvenile offenders sentenced to death.

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