Autumn in Bloomsbury*/By Mansoureh Shojaee -Kirsten Barfield - The Feminist School
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Autumn in Bloomsbury*/By Mansoureh Shojaee -Kirsten Barfield

Monday 26 September 2011


Feminist School :The following poem is written by Mansoureh Shojaee and Kirsten Barfield which describes the autumn of Bloomsbury:

We are both in the heart of Bloomsbury

On the cold stones,

Under old trees,

In front of Virginia’s windows…

We are both in the heart of Bloomsbury

Far from our motherland

Near to the birthplace of our literature

In front of Virginia’s windows….

Here, in the heart of Bloomsbury

Autumn is coming

Through the colour of leaves

Through the colour of trees

Here , in the heart of Bloomsbury

Autumn is coming

Through the colour of our hearts,

Our tears are changed to golden and red

Here , in our coloured tears

Here, in bloomsbury’s colours

Here, in front of Virgina’s windows

Here, in our hearts

Autumn has come !

London:20 th. September

*The Bloomsbury Group or Bloomsbury Set was a group of writers, intellectuals, philosophers and artists who held informal discussions in Bloomsbury throughout the 20th century. This English collective of friends and relatives lived, worked or studied near Bloomsbury in London during the first half of the twentieth century. Their work deeply influenced literature, aesthetics, criticism, and economics as well as modern attitudes towards feminism, pacifism, and sexuality. one of the best known members was Virginia Woolf.

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