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Urge Iran to halt threats against Shirin Ebadi and family

Friday 10 October 2008


nobelwomensinitiative: : On August 8, 2008, an article was published on the website of the official Iranian Republic News Agency (IRNA) and in the newspaper Jomhouri Eslami leveling a series of attacks against Dr. Ebadi and her family, including false accusations that her daughter converted to the Bahai faith, and appeared to be related to Dr. Ebadi’s decision to defend in court seven members of the Bahai minority in Iran.

On August 11 the Nobel Women’s Initiative issued a statement condemning such accusations against her.

In September, the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs canceled a series of university lectures by Ebadi. The Iranian Foreign Ministry pressured their Malaysian counterparts, warning "Her public speaking engagements in Malaysia would cause a disruption of the good relations between the governments of Malaysia and Iran."

On October 1, while Ebadi was in Germany receiving the "tolerance prize" (toleranzpreis), the IRNA warned that Ebadi was exploiting the "patience and tolerance" of government authorities.

For months Ebadi has been the target of campaigns in government media, leading her to state that if something were to happen to her, IRNA and Kayhan (a government-sponsored daily newspaper) should be held responsible.

Recently Ebadi spearheaded a group of leading civil society activists, intellectuals, lawyers, artists, and others to launch the National Peace Council to oppose military conflict over the nuclear crisis or threats of military action against Iran and in demanding a negotiated resolution to the crisis. She has also supported other women’s rights activists of the Campaign for Equality, or One Million Signatures Campaign, to end discriminatory laws against women. Ebadi has defended many peaceful campaigners who are increasingly sentenced or charged, insisting that campaigning for women’s rights is not a threat to national security.

Join Human Rights First’s demand to end the Iranian regime’s attempts to intimidate and silence Ebadi and other human rights defenders.

TAKE ACTION: Click here to tell the Iranian authorities to halt their threats against Ebadi and her family, so that she and other human rights activists in Iran may continue their nonviolent, legitimate activities free from fear.

Take Action

Sign the petition of one million signatures to end discriminatory laws against women.

- Sign petition (for support of Campaign for One Million Signatures)

- sign the petition (for release of women’s rights activists)

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