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Delara Darabi was Executed

Friday 1 May 2009


Feminist School :Delara Darabi was executed on May 1,2009 in Rasht prison .

She was accused of murder of her father’s cousin when she was 17. .Delara initially confessed to the murder, but later retracted her statement. She said that her boyfriend, was the murderer and that she had admitted responsibility to protect him from execution, claiming that he had told her she was too young to be executed.

The hanging was delayed because the parents of the murdered were not present in the court, hence this time the judge issued the order for hanging without going through the proper legal procedure.

Abdulsamad Khoramshahi the acting lawyer stated that certain issues in her court file was not clear and had to be reviewed, issues such as Delara was a left handed person and could not have carried out the stabbing as the stabs were penetrated from a right angle. Delara a young artist and her paintings had attracted attention of human right activists.


Source in Persian :Committee of Human Rights Reporters

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