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Latest Status of Campaign Detainees on May Day Demonstration

Sunday 3 May 2009


Feminist School :Davoud Razani , a member of Vahed Bus Association, in an interview with BBC announced that some of the detainees who participating in the International Workers day at Laleh Park were released and some of them were bailed, which they couldn’t afford to pay.

According to Change for Equality web site, among the detainees were some members of the campaign; Nikzad Zangeneh ,Amir Yaghoubali ,Kaveh Mozafari ,Pouya Poushtareh and Taha Valizadeh were arrested during the demonstration .

While the parents were out to look for Kaveh Mozafari and Amir Yaghoubali, their homes were raided by the officials confiscated their computers , books and writings. Kaveh Mozafari’s wife, Jelveh Javaheri was arrested in her home although the officials didn’t have any arrest warrant and was transferred to Vozara detention center.

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