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A short interview with Jila Baniyaghoub, The winner of courage journalism awards

Thursday 21 May 2009


feminist school: Jila Baniyaghoub a journalist and member of the "coalition of women’s movement" in an interview with Feminist School extended her appreciation and thanks to all feminist women who nominated her for the prize. She went on to say that "this prize belongs to all her sisters who work in all newspapers and women’s web sites in my country, who with great difficult continue working to strive towards truth". "Difficulties nurtured from inside the newspaper industry and from the external factor of the higher Archie from the regime, with all these they do not stop from working and expressing the truth is duty to them".

She went on to say " a young friend had sent a congratulation note and had said what makes her happy, is that all the hard work carried by women journalists has been appreciated and acknowledged, which is an encouragement for her and her colleagues who are new in the industry. I do hope that prizes such as this would encourage all women reporters, in particular the reporters who work on women;s rights.

We ask Jila Baniyaghoub regarding the difficulties women reporters and journalist endure? and she goes on to say " women journalist automatically endure hardship within the system run by men in the industry, it is even more difficult for women who want to report on women’s issues" Women journalist complain about the difficulties to their bosses, complains that go no where or is registered no where, complains on censorship, and undemocratic decision makings, hence I hope the such a prize would be acknowledged by the people.

It has to be said that coalition of women’s movement is recently formed and Jila Baniyaghoub was one of the founding members.

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