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Women’s Movment activists news in the past week.Summons, Jail, Acquitted,Summons and Prison.

Saturday 6 September 2008, by admin

feminist school :In the last week we witnessed the great coalition amongst the women organisations within the women’s movement which brought about a temporary removal of the family protection law from the parliament’s agenda and we also witnessed the summoning and imprisonment sentences issued for the women activists continuing.

zhila bani-yaghoub journalist and a member of campaign for 1 million signatures summoned to the court

Zhila Baniyaghoub journalist and a member of campaign for 1 million signatures and a member of Iranian women focus web site and journalist summoned to the court.

the court has served a summon to ms Bani yaghoub on September 2 2008 she has 3 days to be present at court.

she was arrested on13th of June in commemoration of the anniversary of 12th June which was disrupted by the security forces. Arrested with 8 others but was bailed out in the next day.

Zhila Bani Yaghoub appeared at the revolutionary court with her representing lawyer which was denied entry into the court to represnt her during the interrogation. She was accused to disturbing public order and disobeying the orders of officials .the bail of $ 52,000 was issued by the revolutionary court.

four members of campaign for 1 million signatures sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment

Nahid Keshavarz, Jelveh Javaheri, Parvin Ardalan ,Maryam Hoseinkhah 4 members of campaign for 1 million signatures were charged for their activities in web sites such as zanestan and change for equality according to the court’s ruling to 6 months of imprisonment.

Shirin Ebadi and Nasrin Sotoudeh, their lawyers, will object to this sentence for the second review.

Nasrin Sotoudeh stated in her interview with the Feminist School: The 4 activists of the women’s movement are charged because of their activities in web sites such as Zanestan, Change for Equality and propaganda against the regime and each has received 6 month imprisonment sentence.

She went on to say that the sentence was served to the other lawyer for the 4 to Mrs Shirin Ebadi and in response Shirin Ebadi has proclaimed that: “There are no laws against internet activities and its against the international convention which the Iranian government has agreed to freedom of expression which is in the international documents including in International Human Rights and civil lawâ€

Court session for an ethnic activist

Shahnaz Gholami an activists for women’s right in Azerbaijan, the court was held in the city of Tabriz.

Allegedly Shahnaz has conspired against the regime by propaganda, according to Shanaz Gholami: The main accusation by the judge is on articles written of violence against women and this is judged to be propaganda against the regime especially against Ahmadi Nejad’s government.

Shahnaz Gholami is the editor for the weblog Azar Zan (Azeri Women) and also member of Women reporters association.

Arrest of Soulmaz Eigdar women activist in Children’s Rights issues

Soulmaz Eigdar a cultural and Children’s Rights and women movement activist was arrested in august 30 2008 in the vicinity of Khavaran cemetery (where majority of the murdered political activists in 1988 are buried) and since then has only been able to contact her family once to let them know of her arrest.

Soulmaz: a university student in Social Science’s and also member of the web site of the Iranian Women Association. Mrs Ebadi and Mr Soltani are acting lawyers.

Confirmation of 4 and half years imprisonment of Zeynab Bayazidi: an activist in women’s movement in Kurdistan

Zeynab Bayazidi were charged for their activities in Kurdestan, according to the court’s ruling to 4 and half years of imprisonment.

Women’s movement in Iran has witnessed imprisonment of Zeynab for 4 and half years in exile, she was arrested and then tried in a very short space of time.

Zeynab is serving her prison sentence and has no visitation rights.

two members of campaign for 1 million signatures acquitted

Raheleh Asgarizadeh and Nasim Khosravi 2 members of campaign who were arrested on February 2008 while they were collecting signatures in Daneshjoo(student) park for acting against national security by propaganda against the state, acquitted by the ruling of the court

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