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Arrest of Esha Momenie Iranian student

Translated by: Karineh Kanants

Tuesday 21 October 2008, by admin

Feminist School: Esha Momenie Iranian student residing in USA California was arrested whilst travelling to Iran 2 month ago and was arrested on Thursday October 15in Tehran and reason for arrest was given as "Driving fast".

Whilst she was transferred to Evin prison the security forces ransacked her house and confiscated her computer and her project material for the university.

Esha’s family have been unsuccessful in following her case as the authorities refuse to respond to the families questions.

Esha Momeni, women’s rights advocate and a member of the Campaign from California, was born 1980 and graduated at the Tehran’s Open University in Graphics Design and during her studies she did work as a volunteer in the nursery and tried to design plays that would help the children to express them selves.

To continue her studies Esha attended university in Californian and studied Communication and Art. And her theses was on issues of women and to finish her thesis she had decided to make a short film on women activists in campaign for one million signatures .

Hence campaign for one million signature in California notified Esha’s course leader Dr Melissa Wall said" I am surprised to hear the news and I am sure my colleagues would be too, to hear that a young student in her country to continue with her project would be arrested".

In another interview Esha’s lecturer in Photography David Blooman said" Esha is one of our best students in the university, she is artistic and creative. Esha was interested in researching on women’s issues in Iran and wanted to correct the wrong assumption that the world has on Iranian women"

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