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Concerning nationality

Tuesday 15 July 2008, by admin

Section 2 of Article 976 - The following persons are considered to be Iranian subjects: Those born Iran or outside whose fathers are Iranian.

Article 986 - A non - Iranian wife who may have acquired Iranian nationality by marriage, can revert to her former nationality after divorce or the death of her husband, provided that she informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in writing of the facts but a widow who has children from her former husband cannot take advantage of this right so long as her children have not attained the full age of 18. In any case , a woman who may acquire foreign nationality according to this Article cannot possess properties except within the limits fixed for foreign nationals .

Note 2 of Article 987 - Iranian women who acquire foreign nationality by marriage have not the right to possess landed properties if this would result in the economic dominance of a foreigner. The provisions of Article 988 so far as they concern going out of Iran do not apply to the women above - mentioned.

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