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Communiqué: Defenders of Human Rights

Protests and civil demands are part of fundamental rights of the nation

Friday 19 June 2009, by admin

Feminist School: Association of defenders of human rights with the leadership of Shirin Ebadi have issued their latest communiqué.

Protests and civil demands are part of fundamental rights of the nation

After the 12th of June 2009 election and the announcements of the results by the ministry of interior, we witnessed large protests by the people and the 3 presidential candidates. Observation made by all including 52 members of the Iranian parliament via their statement asked the interior minister to attend a parliamentary enquiry, witnessing extreme violent attacks across the country by the security forces and the Basiji (militia) and the plain clothes groups who are under the control by the countries top organs, which has had tragic results.

Attacking our dear and helpless students in their dormitories, arresting some and using extreme force, hence death of some students. Attacking people’s homes for protecting, those who were running away from the security forces.
Attacking peaceful and civil gatherings for protesting against the results of the election, attacking people in their cars passing from the area, hence we witnessed death of innocent people, that has broken the nation’s heart and that has made us defenders of human right to stand unanimously against the irrational arrests of extensive number of political activists, students, civil activists, human right activists.

Association of Defenders of Human Right, sympathise with the families of those arrested, those who have died, the youth and students and the injured and urge the government of the Islamic republic of Iran to diligently stop those who are violently trying to suppress, as stated by the 52 MPs all those arrested to be release and compensation must be considered.

We also want to ask the great Iranian nation to stay calm and pursue their civil and legal rights peacefully. Peaceful and civil gathering according to the law (article 27) and stipulated by the Human Rights convention is allowed and no one can refuse this right. Hence because of this right we should refrain from falling or be intimidated by violence.
Hence in the current situation of our beloved country once again we state to the leadership of the Islamic republic of Iran to adhere to civil and human rights and protection and serenity for each and every one of the citizens of Iran is expected.

Association of Defenders of Human Rights.

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