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Homeland/Heimat / Mansoureh Shojaee

Monday 23 February 2015, by admin

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Feministschool: The following is written by Mansoureh Shojaee:

„ No matter how long or short the journey, it ends where it started

On the way back, your heart glows with the hope of returning to a familiar, warm and enduring home and seeing the people waiting to hear your stories
 This hope is called „home“.

When you arrive, you let your bags fall to the ground, talk , listen and build up your strength for the road, for the next Jourey
 This ground is called „ home“.

It is the hope of reaching the beginning and end of each journey this hope no longer exists the onslaught of violence and insecurity has stolen this hoop from me
 This stolen hope is called „ home“

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