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Narges Mohammadi is hospitalized due to a severe convulsion

Tuesday 13 October 2015, by admin

Feministschool: Nargess Mohammadi, the vice chair of the committee to defend human rights in Iran, following a severe convulsion, was transferred from a prison cell to a hospital. At present, while under medical supervision, she is still under tight security. Taghi Rahmani , her husband, expressed his concerns that the supervision should done so as not to impose more tension on her, since any further inappropriate measures, such as her being tied to her bed, would further delay her recovery.

The physicians attending Ms. Mohammadi have expressed the view that her two major health problems, lung embolism and muscle paralysis, under a stressful atmosphere and a lack of sufficient health care, could deteriorate and may even endanger the patient’s life.

Mr. Rahmani, referring to the specialists’ diagnosis, said that if the proper conditions are not provided for his wife, it will substantially increase the chance of her being completely crippled.

In 14/9/1394, Ms. Mohammadi had a bad confrontation with one of the prison guards while was taken to the infirmary for a medical injection (Heparin). This brutal confrontation caused her severe tension and resulted in her blood pressure rising so high that she was rushed to the Evin prison hospital.

On 15/9/94, Ms. Mohammadi was rushed to Imam Khomeini hospital after undergoing a severe convulsion. The neurologist in residence recognized \ sever tension as the cause of her convulsion. He recommend that her treatment should be continued under the care of her private physician and in the hospital he is affiliated with, since they are familiar with her special condition. However this recommendation was ignored by the prison authorities as well.

Nargess Mohammadi was diagnosed with a neurological disorder during her long term imprisonment, having been held in solitary confinement since 2010 in Evin prison’s Ward 209. In late 2012, she was released from prison to receive proper treatment, but shortly after she was summoned back to the prison with no explanation. This time, her health condition deteriorated drastically. Being in critical condition, she was again temporary released from prison so she could receive better medical treatment under more relaxed circumstances. But she was rearrested again in her house in 15/2/ 94 while still under medical treatment without receiving any warrant, and taken back to the prison.

Taghi Rahmani, after the news of his wife’s sickness was published, expressed his concerns and said that any further delay in making appropriate arrangements may cause irreversible problems for his wife; in which case the chief responsibility falls on the judicial and security authorities.

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