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Violence in Middle East and The parliamentary election in Iran / Mansoureh Shojaee

Friday 11 December 2015, by admin

Feministschool: The upcoming 10th parliamentary election in Iran has been synchronized with deteriorating condition in Middle East. In such situation of fundamentalism and militarism, soon or late, Iran will also turn inward.

Middle East is a region in which countries like Iraq, Lebanon and Syria are the main conflict-spots for the global powers. This is a region which has experienced super power’s invasions for several years; a region which has both developed ISIS, and has fought and still is fighting against it. Middle East is a region in which countries do not take direct humanitarian actions in their neighboring countries to secure their political interests before Western powers. In such a region, in which countries like Iran have advanced their positions as “proxy war†, which strategy would lead to calmer and stabile situation?

Certainly in the combination of militarism, profit-seeking, authoritarianism, brutality and misogyny, the theories of pragmatism and rationalism could successfully guide general international policies, if and only if they support principles such as people’s freedom and their political participation in free elections. In this situation, empowerment of a peaceful and egalitarian civil society can shed light on a way towards the country’s self-determination. People’s political participation, both on popular and elite level, will be right tactic and strategy towards stabilizing this force.

Coincidentally, these days, along with the most bitter and bloody era in the region, Iran’s parliamentary election is coming. It may be possible to wisely enjoy this period as a juncture opportunity in the midst of militarism and violence.

At this juncture, civil action for achieving the right of political participation and free election and endeavor for strong participation of peace-seeking and egalitarian women in governance areas, is a strategic policy which can be carried forward by a nation in danger. In this worrisome era, the agency of women civil society for the progress of anti-violence goals is the main condition for facing this treacherous time.

Meanwhile, if the women of Kurdistan in this era kept their homeland safe, Iranian women with participating in the parliament and with representing their anti-violence and peaceful demands will prevent manmade violence and atrocities.

The formation of "changing the Iranian parliament’s male face campaign"(1) before the beginning of election, is a progressive and thoughtful act towards promoting the right to political participation and free election, which is a bulwark for women to stand against the region’s violent politics. Looking at the rate of violent incidents in the region, this leading campaign illustrates Iranian activities women’s wisdom over existing controversial issues.

In fact among 290 seats of Iran’s parliament only 9 of them are filled by women.(2) The mentioned campaign’s members and supporters ,those are Iranian women’s right activists want to dilute the dominance of men in the parliament through a capable female presence in the legislature following elections in February 2016.

The movement, in the process of achieving its goals, of course, will principally affect the involved forces’ arrangement in the region. The experience of benefiting from election opportunities in areas-in-conflict such as Burma, Ukraine, etc. in different eras, has been a successful experience in the prevention of violence and armed conflict.

In fact, the Iranian women’s movement, as one the most conscious social forces with this campaign’s realistic approach, is a leading figure in standing against violent policies both in Iran and in the region. Extending the election period through announcing this early campaign, is a strategy to gain additional time in order to promote the right to take part in a free election. This path in its continuation and with its emphasis on the agency of women activists, is a strategic policy that will affect international politics and political. In fact, members and supporters of this campaign, through non-violent struggles within their "homeland", are willing to put an end to violence around their own "land".


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