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Hana Abdi

Friday 1 August 2008, by admin

Name: Hanna Abdi

Age: 21

Occupation: University student of psychology, Payam e noor university in the city of Bijar

Gender: Female

Activities in division of the women’s movement: Member of Azarmehr women’s NGO in Kurdistan (Sanandaj) and one million signatures campaign

Cases: Reasons for Arrest

Seven of intelligence agents arrested Hanna in her grandfather’s house on November 4 2007 and then searched her house and confiscated materials related to one million signatures campaign as well as her personal computer and notes

Current status:

a) Ruling: she was sentenced on may 6 2008 in branch no.2 of revolution court in sanandaj to 5 years imprisonment in exile in the west azerbayjan (a province in Iran) for threatening national security

b) Prohibited to leave the county:

c) Bail at:

d) Latest elaboration of the case: Hanna Abdi arrested on November 4 2008 and imprisoned in sanandaj prison her court was held on November 4 2007 she was sentenced to five years imprisonment in exile in the west Azerbaijan (a province in Iran )for threatening national security . but the court of appeal has reduced her sentence to 18 months. she was released on February 26,2009.

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