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Nasim Khosravi

Friday 1 August 2008, by admin

detained members of Women’s Movement

Name: Nasim Khosravi


Occupation: Director of documentary

Gender: Female

Activities in division of the women’s movement: Member of one million signatures campaign and works for photo section for change website (photo4change.com)

Cases: Reasons for Arrests

1) June 2006

2) Esfand 2006

3) Collecting signatures*

4) Other

Reason for arrests or summons: she arrested when she was collecting signatures in student’s (daneshjoo) park in Tehran she was held for 13 days in public ward of Evin prison .

Date: February 14 2008

Current status:

a) Ruling: not yet issued

b) Prohibited to leave the county:

c) Bail at: bail set at 22,222$ but then it was reduced to 11,000 $

d) Latest elaboration of the case: she was arrested on February14 2008 when she was collecting signatures in a park she has been detained for 13 days in evin prison her court was held on July 20 2008 .no ruling has been issued yet .

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