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Khorram Abad’s Detainees

Tuesday 19 August 2008, by admin

Arrest of 25 persons during a workshop in Khoram Abad

Arrested: Reza DolatShahi (landlord) Mahtab Dolatshahi (Landlady)

Memebers of Women Circle
Reason for arrest: Arrested with 25 other during a workshop on the rights of the campaign in the house of one of the volunteers as a group involved in group fornication.

10 armed police men with a few remembers from security forces and 3 female from intelligence service attacked the house and arrested the 25 members and volunteers of the campaign in question. Mansoreh Shojaee, Zara Amjadyan, Nazli Farokhi, Jelveh Javaheri and Nafiseh Azad. All were released after 12hrs beside Reza Dolat Shahi, Bahman Azadi, Khosro Nasimpour which were released after 3 days. All the presentation equipment used for the workshop such as camera etc including personal mobile phones were confiscated and have not been given back to their rightful owners.
No verdict has been issued by the courts or security forces, however Reza Dolatshahi, Bahman Azadi, Khosro Nasimpour have been prohibited to leave the city and the rest which where from Tehran have been prohibited to visit Khoram Abad. Mansoreh Shojaee, Jeveh Javaheri and Nafiseh Azad have been interacted and been told that the the accusation of group fornication was an excuse and they intended to stop and destroy the campaign in Khoram Abad in its first hurdle.

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