about us

Our reply to hidden questions (about us) and our electronic journal Feminist School is first and foremost self expression, sexuality, humanity and insincerity is a kind of human nature.

No doubt many women in different sites dedicated to women have tried to formulate answers and what makes us different and why we have started the Feminist School web site?

The direct answer is that first of all women’s voice is spread and strengthened. Each platform that is set by women and their involvement with regards to voicing women’s issues is no doubt furthering our cause within our society. Hence the establishment of Feminist School an electronic journal with the objective of voicing our demand for equality.
We have chosen the name “School” as we thought that school is a place for learning and expanding our knowledge by discussing our thoughts derived as social beings (or activities). In fact Feminist School is a place where women can think aloud on common issues.

After a lot of deliberation on different sections of “school” and the design of the journal we realised that what we needed more than reflection was space and since we do not have our rightful place in the society we decided that we establish “Feminist School”

For further introduction we the students of Feminist School are activists of equality movement in Iran that is resolute to change and correct the present equalities. Fortunately within the last Two years activities of the women’s movement has grown quickly and this owed to the “Campaign for One Million Signatories” and as the grass rout activists of the “Campaign for One Million Signatories” we can validate the statement to those who are outside of our movement and we will continue to expand and continue to collect signatures for change.

At the same time women’s movement has had immense effect nationally and internationally which has had its positives and negatives, women’s movement has been able to demand changes without causing any violence.

Even though our site Feminist School has been filtered but we endeavour to continue the path towards equality
We hope that this movement will continue and grow and we can help and support as much as we can.

Editor of site: Noushin Ahmadi Khorasani

Translated by: Sahar Mofakham